A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a small game that I made in about five days taking advantage of the Easter holidays.

I had no intention of publishing it, because I did it as a training project on my own; However, when I showed it to some friends, I saw that it would be interesting to keep polishing and developing some things.
My intention is to go up the odd update as I dedicate, I will be putting the future ideas that I have in mind or pending issues of those versions.

About the game, it is a 3D RPG in which you take control of a 'warrior' and collect items (mainly weapons) and defeat enemies.
Currently only the equivalent to the first zone or tutorial is developed, it should not be the definitive tutorial either, but it has been useful to see how the players interact with the different mechanics of the game.

Latest features of the version (0.1.3):

  • Some aesthetic improvement.
  • Improves interface when receiving and inflicting damage (more readable text)
  • Temporary Start scene.
  • Adjust the customization of controls, eliminate unused controls.

Features of the next version:

  • More detailed scenario and aesthetic improvement.
  • Next level.

Future additions:

  • AI improvement
  • Selection of the initial character
  • New levels (obviusly)

Install instructions

To run the game, click on FantasyBattle.exe and the game's start window will appear.

It is not necessary to configure anything in particular.


WINDOWS_Fantasy_Battle_v0.1.3 48 MB
LINUX_Fantasy_Battle_v0.1.3 50 MB


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The linux executable is currently disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I enable the linux executable again, it is necessary to give execution permissions to the file in order to play.